Podiatry Services & Fees

We aim to be fully transparent, please contact us to discuss any pricing. Evening and weekend appointments available by appointment. If you are diabetic, we will gladly complete your annual foot check as part of your routine Podiatry treatments at no additional cost. 


Initial Assessment

We will take your medical history and discuss your concerns. We will conduct a vascular and neurological examination of your lower limbs. You will receive treatment and advice for your presenting complaint including all aspects of routine Podiatry treatment.

Needed for all: Routine Podiatry, ingrowing/problem nails and verrucae treatments.

£35.00 (30 mins)

Routine Podiatry in Warrington

Routine Podiatry Follow-up

Involves all aspects of routine Podiatry including nail cutting & nail reduction for thick nails, ingrowing toenail management, callus debridement and corn enucleation.

£35.00 (20 mins)


Initial biomechanical_rehabilitation assessment

Initial Biomechanical Assessment & Injury assessment

Foot or ankle pain? Hip or knee pain which has not responded to physiotherapy?
Expect a thorough holistic and biomechanical assessment of your feet, knees and hips. Expect tailored exercise and mobility programs as standard. We may use padding, strapping and shockwave therapy where indicated to hasten your recovery. Should insoles be indicated the specific prescription will be discussed. Costing will be fully transparent and kept to the minimum.

£75.00 (45 mins)

Initial biomechanical_rehabilitation assessment

Follow up Injury Rehab Appointment

We will review and build on your previous assessment now that you have commenced your routine. We may progress, regress or change your exercises as needed to get you closer to your goal. Further shockwave therapy, padding & strapping will be used if needed.

Without Shockwave £50
With Shockwave £60
(30 mins) 

Initial biomechanical_rehabilitation assessment

Shockwave Only Package

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a clinically proven treatment useful in the treatment of tendon disorders. It involves delivering impulses of energy into damaged tissues within the abnormal tendon, accelerating healing.

Needs to have had initial injury assessment prior to booking.

£200 x4 sessions
£300 x6 sessions

Initial biomechanical_rehabilitation assessment

Plantar Fascia Rehabilitation Package

60-minute initial appointment then 5 follow up appointment’s rehabilitation appointments with shockwave therapy as required.


Initial biomechanical_rehabilitation assessment

Achilles Tendon Rehabilitation Package

60-minute initial appointment then 5 follow up appointment’s rehabilitation appointments with shockwave therapy as required.


Initial biomechanical_rehabilitation assessment

Toenail Surgery: For Ingrowing or Trouble Nails

Nail surgery involves injection of local anaesthesia into each side of the effected toe. The affected area of nail will then be removed, and the nail bed treated to prevent recurrence.

Needs initial appointment before booking.
(including 1 follow up appointment and provision of dressings)

£250 + £30 per toe


Initial biomechanical_rehabilitation assessment

Verrutop – Verrucae Treatment

Needs an initial assessment but if opted for at this appointment the cost will be dedcuted. Verrutop achieves good results and resolution of verrucae in the majority of cases within three treatments. Verrutop is a combination of Nitric acid, Organic acids, Zinc and Copper salts which is applied to the plantar warts denaturing the virus. It is simple and usually completely painless. Follow up appointments are a minimum of 1-2 weeks apart for a maximum of 6 treatments.

£46 per treatment

Initial biomechanical_rehabilitation assessment

Faulkner’s Needling – Verrucae Treatment

Needling is advisable in those with stubborn verrucae for whom other treatments have failed or where there are numerous large verrucae. It is also useful for those wanting to limit the number of visits to clinic or those with large areas of troublesome verrucae they would like to resolve in one treatment. High resolution levels are generally seen using this method after one treatment by initiating a strong immune response from the body. Location dependent, Either the ankle or sole of the foot will be injected to achieve numbness of the area. A small sterile needle is then used to puncture the verrucae many times. This introduces the virus to the blood stream notifying the body the verrucae are present causing an immune response.

(Follow-up appointment is included)

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